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READ: Coporate team-building for the mind and body


Team-building. Tired of the same-old paintball and mountaineering activities being touted as team-building days? So are we. Self-defence as a team-building day is a fun and inclusive experience that results in a genuine bonding between staff members, from the CEO to a receptionist. It is high-energy as well as food for thought. It also teaches valuable, real-life skills. If you want this at your company, be sure to hit the “learn more” button below and then fill out our form or call us for more information.


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High-intensity training and calisthenics. We practice old-school training that works – all fitness levels are welcome. We also provide a nutrition eBook for our members. Out philosophy is built on humility, fortitude and respect. We advocate a lifestyle change that results in overall wellness. The classes are not easy, bu they are tailored to the level of the clients in order to challenge them and help them develop. For a full breakdown of our membership options, be sure to fill out the form below.


We host weekend challenges every Saturday. We encourage our members to bring friends and family to these fun classes, where we take from calisthenics, HIT, resistance training, functional movement and traditional cardio to deliver a fun, metabolic conditioning workout that has clients coming back for more. Oh, and it shreds the fat. To book a spot, call us or fill out the form below.


Self-defence taught by professionals in a safe and secure environment. For the purpose of fitness as much as it is for real-life skills. TFN takes self-defence classes to schools in order to make a difference in the battle against gender violence in South Africa. If you would like us to come to your school, be sure to fill out the information form below.

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